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President Ervin will preside. .
Tatiana (Vanderbilt U ceballos, María De Los Ángeles, gutierrez, Adriana, LÓPEZ, Ana Laura, pereira, Sofia, sierra, Lucía, morales, Claudia, and DE LEÓN, Dania (UVG) An Ethnographic Approach to Multidimensional Poverty in a Peri-Urban Area of Sacatepéquez, Guatemala: Employment and Living Conditions colom, Alejandra (UVG) Speaking.
This mini-conference welcomes contributions that help illuminate current shifts in planning practices and discourses, as well as in local politics under an age of austerity, with a focus on economically depleted cities and regions.In this respect, is the propagation of rightsizing initiatives a way to accommodate and even legitimize an austerity urbanism?(Cultural Keys LLC nolan, Riall (Purdue U and copeland, Toni (U Alabama) (F-49) friday 10:00-11:50 Congress A Digital Technology at the Grassroots chairs: mccaffrey, Katherine and taha, Maisa (Montclair State U) mccaffrey, Katherine (Montclair State U) Transnational Digital Lives grannys looking for sex gibson, Jane and gray, Benjamin.Hackworth,., 2015, Rightsizing as spatial austerity in the American Rust Belt.(Vanderbilt U) Sustainable Stories, Capacity-Building, Environmental Protection, and the Work of Anthropology in Global Public Risk Reduction in Guatemala (F-67) friday 12:00-1:20 Regency A 2017 Wolf Prize of the Political Ecology Society (peso) introduction: heyman, Josiah (utep) cortesi, Luisa (Yale U) The Muddy Semiotics.(Appalachian State U welch-devine, Meredith (UGA) woman looking for a man with a bald head Climate Changes Gendered Impacts in Southern Appalachia olson, Ernie (Wells Coll) New Tanks for Old: A Report on the Transformation and Continuity of Water Catchment Strategies in the Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific roberts, Jason (utsa) We Live Like.
(U Oklahoma) roundtable participants: belachew, Rute and griffith, Caitlin (UNT) (F-71) friday 12:00-1:20 Tubman session cancelled Anthropology in the Private Sector: Tools for Rethinking Roles and Responsibilities (Business Anthropology TIG) chairs: colom, Alejandra (UVG) and DEL valle, Angel (Population Council) (F-72) friday 12:00-1:20 Anthony SASci Executive Meeting (F-73).
Although critical analyses of the urbanisation of neoliberalism originated in US/UK case-based studies, the urban political economy framework can be applied to explain the effects of State restructurings on countries with diverse planning cultures, such as France or Japan.Chairs/roundtable participants: jessee, Nathan (Temple U peterson, Kristina (Lowlander Ctr sand, Melanie (Cornell U and, maldonado, Julie (Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network) (F-02) friday 8:00-9:50, commonwealth.(eds 2012, Locating Neoliberalism in East Asia.International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 36: 213225.State Transformations, Spatial Austerity and the Globalization of Urban Decline: in Search of Alternative Urban Policies (supported by Fondation France-Japon and incas).Environmental and Planning A, 47: 766-782.Salvi, Cecilia (cuny Grad Ctr) No Hay Cuchillo Sin Rosas: Urban Repurposing and Literary Art in South America weber, Gerard (BCC cuny) This City Is Dead!: Urban Dissolution and the Betrayal of the Working Class in Capitalist Romania (F-15) friday 8:00-9:50 Washington B Situating Disability.According to this rationale, it is necessary, for instance, to respond to market conditions with urban entrepreneurialism, austerity budgeting in the public sector or reduced central-local transfers towards unattractive territories.Friday 9:00-5:00 Regency B Book Exhibit (F-31) friday 10:00-11:50 Commonwealth A1 Learning and Unlearning Best Principles, Part II chairs/roundtable sex offenders uk news participants: jessee, Nathan (Temple U peterson, Kristina (Lowlander Ctr sand, Melanie (Cornell U and maldonado, Julie (Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network) (F-32) friday 10:00-11:50 Commonwealth A2 Applied.Shepherd-powell, Julie (King U the Case of Callahan Creek: Combating Audit Culture in the Coal Industry with Citizen Science.