See also, beratungsstelle ( womens counselling centre das Platzverweisverfahren (Obligation for the violent partner to keep away from accommodation in case of immediate violence from your partner : Call the police!
A 21-year-old man has killed a woman with a machete and injured two other people before being arrested in the southern German city of Reutlingen.
Police spokesman Björn Reusch said the attack bore no hallmarks of a terrorist threat.In Tübingen offer individual advice and group training.He ran with his machete even behind a patrol car.'.Some Germans are also fearful of any signs of a rise in crime or lawlessness after the country registered some one online dating games for adults million asylum-seekers last year.You can email with your experiences.Police said there was no indication that it was terrorist attack and it was more likely to have been "a crime of passion".The assailant was apparently acting alone and there is no danger to anyone else at this time, the spokesman said.The motive was not clear but there was no indication that the incident was a terrorist attack.The victim and her attacker both worked at the same Turkish fast-food restaurant close to where the argument took place, German media reported.District Courts of Civil Laws, after violent encroachments by your partner you should seek for legal assistance by a lawyer or the application office of the district court.
The attack happened in Reutlingen, south west Germany close to the major city of Stuttgart. .
Paramedics attempted to save the womans life after she sustained head injuries but she died and her corpse was covered with a white sheet.
Police spokesman Bjoern Reusch said in a statement that witnesses said the 21-year-old man, who was known to police, was having an argument with the woman, who is believed to have been working at the kebab stand, before attacking her about 4:30.Police were also seen searching a car, which is believed to have hit the attacker as he fled the scene of the killing in Reutlingen.He was injured in the collision with the BMW and is currently in hospital, where he has not yet been questioned but is under guard by police.Pictures from the scene appear to show the knifeman lying on the ground with blood on his face after being apprehended.They will help you to apply for protection orders according to the Protection against Violence Act.

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The motive for the attack remains unknown at this stage.
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