Alex, 42, cruising since he was eighteen years old.
I, myself, go sex offender list hillsborough county less.
I come here for sex, but I also come for something more.
I like to watch the person, his body, the way he is dressed, if he is young or old.Looking is not participating.I like to watch the stars and feel free while I am fucking.What is hiding there in the distance, behind the dark leaves of the forest?I felt all kinds of things.Its like an escape from the real world.What I like about cruising is that I have no obligation or commitment; I wont see them again, and I like that.
Sex, yes, but also the fact of not knowing what is out there, that is what I like about.
It is now a recreational area, home to parks, gardens, museums and a castle.
I want a men who loves sex, loves it a lot, and loves to try new things.Francesc, 43, cruising for twenty years.Sometimes, coming here makes me feel less alone, but sometimes it just makes me feel like Im the only one on the planet.Every time I go to Montjuic I go up the hill through the same stairs.I feel insecure because its not safe, there are no lights at all.As I go up, that tingling sensation starts, like when you were a kid and there were presents to unwrap.

Hitting up guys on the internet, or on a date its scarier.
The cruising scene, which many participants say dates back to at least the 1970s, attracts men of a variety of backgrounds and desires, not all of whom identify as gay.