This writer together with a sex worker who pleaded that only her one name Agnes should be used for privacy reasons started a Journey into this investigation at 9: pm EAT in the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda, from this place called Kiiwa known to almost.
For many years, Agnes, tried to get out of this business no strings dating website because it looked risky and not paying but so many questions came to her mind Where am I going to get a job me who is not educated?, who knows me anyway?, how much.I saw and heard of many girls from Kenya and Uganda dying because of the bad things men there do to sex workers, they can drug you, gang rape and they can also ask you to sleep with their dogs Said Clare.Because here, they are worshiped like Kings by the white ladies who target them specifically.Some pimps have started Facebook pages that act as middle men for people like Kyalimpa.He gets the sex, I get paid.Thanks to social media platforms especially Facebook and Whatsapp, these guys are secretly hitting private deals with unknown girls and men some of whom might be your lovers!(Think the famous guy sex date chat who has a fly-less jean-short that leaves his loins hanging about as he goes about his daily hustle of looking for what to eat in dust bins.It is estimated that sex workers and their clients accounted for 16 of new HIV infections in Uganda in 2014.I was also afraid of buying prostitute but thanks to social media, I slept with girls I could have never even touched!
A long waited comment from.
And those many scars in their faces, are art.
One pulled my shirt to tell me; Uncle, sooti ya kasanvu, as seven thousand shillings for sex.A sex worker wait for clients on one of the streets in Kampala, Uganda.Photo by Julius Mwelu.This implies that artists faces, rowdy faces with unkempt hair and dirty thick dreadlocks that make them look like they sleep in the Nakivubo trench are common here.This new form of prostitution going on recently in Uganda is involving low class, corporate and working class.Everywhere we went, Agnes told this writer you see all these women you see here, are looking for money not love she said as she pointed to the long lines of ladies standing on verandahs and other leaning on the walls of the lodges.