Men dont understand women.
About the Movie, a man finds himself getting an unexpected crash course in bi wife looking for contact koeln the psychology of contemporary women in this sex addicts anonymous meetings in maryland romantic comedy.
1 Suggested Tip, about the Book, about the Author.Glenn Lovell, San Jose Mercury News, Jun 24, 2010.At first, Nick finds himself learning all sorts of things he didn't want to know, but he also realizes how this can be used to his advantage especially after his old boss, Dan Wanamaker (Alan Alda) is replaced by a woman, Darcy Maguire (Helen Hunt).Rotten: We're never able to escape the feeling that we're watching a manufactured object that starts turning insipid just when it was starting to seem scatty.The video content is inappropriate, the video content is misleading, other content-related feedback.Get the simple, straightforward truth.Read More About This Movie On Rotten Tomatoes).What Women Want also features Bette Midler as Nick's analyst, Delta Burke and Valerie Perrine as two of his co-workers, and Marisa Tomei as one of Nick's significant others.And many believe theres no point in trying.Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) is a successful advertising executive living in Chicago who has long fancied himself a ladies' man, though he has precious little understanding of women beyond figuring out how to seduce them.Rotten: Only Tomei's thoughts sound like actual thinking.
The ad is too long, the ad does not play, the ad does not inform my purchase.More From this Author.But Nick begins to feel differently about his unusual gift when he discovers Darcy is infatuated with him, and he finds himself falling for her.Women dont make sense.Rotten: 56, average Rating:.7/10, top Critics' Reviews, fresh: Set your standards on neutral, and enjoy it for exactly what it is - mindless entertainment that will make you laugh but won't linger in your mind much farther than the theater's parking lot.The audio is poor or missing.Wesley Morris, San Francisco Chronicle, Jun 18, 2002.Other ad-related feedback, the video does not play, there is too much buffering.Jay Carr, Boston Globe, Jun 24, 2010.Other technical issue, video is unrelated to the product.

One day, Nick receives a substantial electric shock in an accident in his bathroom; while he's not seriously injured, when he comes to, he discovers something remarkable has happened he can suddenly hear what women are thinking.
Learn the truth about what women want.