Last updated: February 24, 2018.
"List-makers never tell their partners what bothers them in the moment says.
So if he says something during the fight that bugs you, tell him his words are frustrating you.
Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.I see where youre coming from.You both said "I'm sorry" and looking for women from Russia meant itbut now he's trying to get some, and saarland, one night stand all you can think is, Seriously?How you handle arguments and disagreements is very important because what you say and do during those moments will either bring you and your woman closer together, or cause you to grow apart.Don't give him the cold shoulder.There are a million things on which you could blame an argument: a bad day at work, a headache, a restless night.
You know "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"?
That alone is often more than enough motivation for a woman to want to be a good girlfriend and please her boyfriend for life.Will she have to stick up for him at family get-togethers or around friends?When she cries and says cute things like, Youre the only one for me, even when theyre in the middle of a fight.And complaining that guys are too weak when it comes to relationships.The second part of the apology is, 'In the future, I will' and fill in the blank with how you won't make the mistake again.".