Allow your mate to initiate sexual pleasure on occasions, as well as taking the top position.
Another way to add variety and improve sex life, suggests Mandel, is to try someplace new.
Lubricant in the bedside drawer is your new best friend.
If you list of local sex offenders suspect a penile fracture due to a perceived pop followed by bruising, see a urologist immediately.Is your guy getting out less with friends and family?Psychology Today points out a very interesting 2012 study that found that "sexual transformation or making sexual compromises in relationships, actually made them stronger, as long as everybody talked about it and whether it was working.A Tale of Two Sheets, no matter what the reason for the lack of hanky-panky, assess the situation and open Pandora's box by starting a direct conversation about the matter.(Repeat that several times if necessary.) But it might be helpful to know why you feel them.Practice abstinence for a couple of days, a weekend, or a week, says Mandel.I'm not saying you should throw out your own requirements for sexual happiness and focus entirely on theirs; but this is clearly a joint endeavor, and they need to be heard too.
It's hard to consider satisfying someone sexually or yourself, when you constantly cater to the needs of wee kids.If what they'd like is to be boning you constantly, you're going to need to find some way to compromise or discuss things so that you both feel listened.Many women I spoke to got sick of initiating sex, feeling as if they just weren't appreciated or loved.Staying up at night wondering, "Will I eat dog food when I'm 80?" is enough to make sexual desire kaput, even if the person was typically "me so horny" all the time.It's a two-part solution: you get to feel closer and more intimate, and your partner will feel as if they're part of a process.That person doesn't deserve to sleep with you.But then my logical side kicked.Unfortunately, men tend to be angry rather than outwardly owning their depression.If they "assume" that because you kiss them you're down for anything, get sulky when you're not, or don't understand why you're drawing the boundaries, your consent's not being respected.

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