the first woman doctor visit questions

Blood pressure can be too high or too low, but yours is probably just right!
Question and Answer Time A lot of doctors leave time at the end of a checkup for questions.
Itll depend on your medical history and whether you have any health issues.If you have abnormal bleeding, vaginal itching, foul odors, or any kind of pain or swelling, your doctor might want to run some tests.These are all important questions and doctors can give parents good advice.How often do I need to get a pelvic exam?You might wonder when you will grow taller, for instance, or if you weigh the right amount.Yes No Youre the best!Are you using birth control?
Therefore, we make every effort to treat you ethically and respectfully, providing you with exceptional medical services in a comfortable, friendly environment. .
This exam is a good way to learn about your body and the names for each part.
He or she might start by checking your weight and height, as well as your blood pressure and maybe your temperature.Do you have any unusual pain, itching, or discharge from your vagina or vulva?To check your internal organs, the doctor will place one or two gloved, lubricated fingers into the vagina and up to the cervix.Is it normal to be nervous before the first visit?The rectovaginal dating sexual games exam, your doctor or nurse may also put a gloved finger into your rectum.So if youre not comfortable being 100 honest with your current doctor or nurse, think about switching to someone else.What medical problems do other members of your family have?

During a pelvic exam, a doctor or nurse examines your vulva and your internal reproductive organs your vagina, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus.
The external exam, your doctor or nurse will look at your vulva and the opening of your vagina.
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