The license agreement may provide the meet sex woman licensee: 1) the right to use a selection achievement beyond which the licensor retains the possibility of its use and the right to issue licenses to other persons (simple, non-exclusive license 2) the right to use a selection achievement.
The decision of the appeals commission may be appealed in court.
Name of the selection achievement should allow to identify the selection achievement, to be brief, differ from the names of existing selection achievements of the same or similar botanical or zoological species.
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The form of the decision taken by the attestation commission shall be approved by the authorized body.Grounds for refusal to consider objections in the Boards of Appeal In making an objection to the consideration shall be refused if: 1) the objection is not subject to review by the Board of Appeal; 2) the objection is not signed or signed.Changes concerning the applicant's instructions when assignment of the right to obtain title or change of the name of the applicant, as well as correcting errors in documents of a technical nature, claims can be made up to date information about the registered selection achievement.Variety, breed meets the criteria of distinctness, if they are clearly distinguishable from any other variety or breed which existence at the time of application is well known.As for Latin American states, most Latin American governments are hardly marching in lockstep with the Venezuelan president and are resisting joining a hostile, anti-U.S.Venezuela: Anatomy Of A Dictator.

Validity of a patent for a selection achievement, terminated in connection with non-payment within the prescribed period of maintaining the patent in force from the date of expiration of the prescribed time limit, can be restored at the request of the patent owner.
It is associated with servant-master relationships in older literature, the child-parent relationship in certain conservative rural communities, and parishioner-priest relationships.
Some sources write these as and respectively, but this is not as common.