At the upper part of the valley in which the works were situated, an artificial lake was formed by constructing an embankment across the watercourse descending from the higher ground footnote.
35 The river curves to the east along the southern edge of Mayfield, passing a sewage works on the south bank and crossing under an abandoned railway embankment and a road at St Dunstan's Bridge.The trade then suffered a more serious check; and during the civil wars, a heavy blow was given to it by the destruction of the works belonging to all royalists, local sex offender website which was accomplished by a division of the army under Sir William Waller.Count Gondomar (the Spanish ambassador) well knew their goodness when he so often begged of King James the boon to export them." Though the king refused his sanction, it appears that Sir Anthony Shirley of Weston, an extensive iron-master, succeeded in forwarding to the King.8 23 Flooding edit In 1960, there was extensive flooding of the Rother Valley, with some 31 square miles (80 km2) inundated, and in some areas the water did not recede for several months.It hath been propagated by Emblems:2 and some have been so bad Grammarians as to be deceived by the Name, deriving Castor à castrando, whereas the proper Latine word is Fiber,3 and Castor but borrowed from the Greek, so called quasi?, that is, Animal ventricosum."It is almost incredible says Camden, "how many guns are made of the iron in this county.The beaver has the tail of a fish, and soft fur on its otter-like body.The Egyptians also failed in the ground of their Hieroglyphick, when they expressed the punishment of Adultery by the Bever depriving himself of his testicles, which was amongst them the penalty of such incontinency.All that now remains of the old iron-works are the extensive beds of cinders from which material is occasionally taken to mend the Sussex roads, and the numerous furnace-ponds, hammer-posts, forges, and cinder places, which mark the seats of the ancient manufacture.Camden vividly describes the noise and bustle of the manufacture-the working of the heavy hammers, which, "beating upon the iron, fill the neighbourhood round about, day and night, with continual noise." These hammers were for the most part worked by the power of water, carefully.6 Ovid, Metamorphoses X, 560.
Tide Brook joins from the north, and Witherenden Mill, a two-storey building that was originally the mill house is below the junction.
In 1962 the Kent River Board introduced a bill to Parliament, which would authorise improvements to the river banks, with the construction of a sluice and associated lock below Rye, to prevent tidal flooding.When pursued, the beaver runs for some distance, but when he sees he cannot escape, he will bite off his own testicles and throw them to the hunter, and thus escape death.Lower says the fourth in descent from this person kept the turnpike-gate at Wadhurst, and that the last of the family, a day-labourer, emigrated to America in 1839, carrying with him, as the sole relic of his family greatness, the royal grant of free warren.In several Anglo-Saxon charters, it is suffixed with -ea, appearing as Limenea, where the suffix also means 'river but in Old English.The Environment Agency also acts as the harbour authority for Rye Harbour, another unique situation, and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs acts as a signatory to the Harbour of Rye Bylaws.One of them built the fine mansion of Riverhall, noble even in decay.27 Finally in April 1996, the National Rivers Authority was abolished with the formation of the Environment Agency.

34 The mill was called Hodson's Mill, and was part of Mill Farm.
Rye Harbour Boat Owners Association.