Smith, dOB: 8/19/1964 52 years of age 6'0" 239lbs.
Hazel Eyes, Brown Hair, resides in the area of South Bennett Drive in Johnston.
Level II SEX offender, convicted of 3rd Degree Sexual Assault.Below you will see a current and active list of those Level II and III offenders who reside in Johnston, pursuant to club illinois local swinger the guidelines set forth in the legislation.C.6,s.187J, information regarding sex offenders may be obtained through a written request at your local police department.Level 2 Offenders, tHIS IS noanted poster.Roberts, dOB: 4/28/1969 46 years of age 6 230lbs.Level 3 Offenders this IS noanted poster Pedro Hernandez DOB: 12/26/1963 51 years of age 5'9" 191 lbs.This sex predator finder offender has served the sentence imposed by the courts and will be living in the location below.The Johnston Police Department is available to help you by providing you with useful information on personal safety.In order to obtain this information, please fill out a request and contact Detective Megan Pike or Officer Kerrie Bushnell at to schedule an appointment. .Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, resides in the area of Spring Street best friend jewelry white gold in Johnston.
The second male victim was known to the offender.
For more information, the States Sex Offender Registry Board has everything you need.Path, dOB: 4/12/1965 49 years of age 6 266lbs.This IS noanted poster.DOB: 11/22/1988 27 years of age 5'7 130lbs.Brown Eyes, Black Hair Resides in the area of Reservoir Avenue in Johnston level II SEX offender The offender was charged with Video Voyeurism.This IS noanted poster Vincent D/Errico.Assaulted a 15 year old female known to the offender.The goal of the Sex Offender Registry is to educate the public and to prevent further victimization.

Request forms can be obtained directly from the Dracut Police Department, located in the main lobby or printed from the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board link located below.
Brown Eyes, Shaved/bald Hair Resides in the area of Meadow Drive in Johnston level II SEX offender The offender was charged with Child Pornography Prohibited.
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