There are as many as 14 accusers against Goodrich.
Name appeared on Baltimore's list of accused priests Sept.
Woman notified diocese 6/05 that she had been sexually molested by Genereux for 2 yrs while a student at Presentation of Mary Academy in Hudson in 1957-58.Again suspended 12/15, after man said Gondek sexually abused him at age 18 and others who were minors 5 yrs.Charles and continuing for 3 years.1969 P Settled Diocesan By 5/02, two lawsuits had been filed that name Grolleau (sp) as abuser.Placed on leave and sent for treatment.Removed and sent to psychiatric hospital in Milwaukee.Portland, OR Source: The Oregonian.07.07 (Documents) ; Oregonian.14.89 ; Oregonian.15.90 ; Oregonian.19.95 ; Sunday Oregonian.07.02 ; Oregonian.12.04 ; Oregonian.24.05 ; Table: The Oregonian.12.06 ; The Oregonian.12.06 ; Final Report of Document Arbitration.24.08 Goodwin Justin.Joseph by the Sea High School on Staten Island.Miami, FL Source: Miami Herald.18.02 ; Miami Herald.29.02 ; Sun gay dating old Sentinel.21.02 ; Miami Herald.19.03 ; Sun-Sentinel.14.04 ; Miami Herald.15.04 ; Miami Herald.13.04 ; NBC.14.04 ; Miami Herald.22.04 ; Doe.
Found "unsuitable for ministry" per 7/6/12 announcement due to violation of the Standards of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries.
Got six-month suspended sentence.Rochester, NY Source: Star-Gazette.9.02 ; Star-Gazette.9.02 ; Star-Gazette.9.02 ; Star-Gazette.9.02 ; Ithaca Journal.20.03 Gormly Charles.In 2010 the boy, now a young adult, reported the incident to e AD Review Board deemed the allegation credible and recommended laicization.Review Board deemed both reports unsubstantiated in e accuser from 2007 committed suicide the next year.He died 1993 at age.He responded by molesting her.Retired 1993; died 5/13/04.Graves was inactive and living in a monitored status after diocese found allegations credible.Louis Review.7.09 ; kwmu.30.09 ;.