103BSection 103A: supplementalEW (1)In section 103A appropriate date, in relation to a qualifying offender, means the date or (as the case may be) the first date on which the offender was convicted, found or cautioned as mentioned in subsection (2) or (3) below; child means.
Overall there are very rare circumstances in which there is a simple answer as to whether the notification requirements will apply and therefore it is always important for your legal team to not only be fully aware of whether the offence you are accused.
(11)References to the Secretary of State, except in sections 94 and 95, are to be read as references to the Department of Justice in Northern Ireland.
Amendments (Textual) Modifications etc.122JSexual risk orders and interim sexual risk orders: guidanceEW (1)The Secretary of State must issue guidance to chief officers of police and to the Director General of the National Crime Agency in relation to the exercise by them of their powers with regard to sexual.(3)Any order made by a county court on an appeal under subsection (1 a) (other than an order directing that an application be re-heard by a court of summary jurisdiction) is for the purposes of section 118(5) to be treated as if it were.(10)Section 83(4) has effect as if (a)for the words Where a notification order is made there were substituted Where a relevant offender is subject to the notification requirements of this Part by virtue of section 96A ; and (b)in paragraph (a) for the words the.20 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (c.(4)If a notification is given in accordance with subsection (2) and the event to which it relates has not occurred by the end of the period of 3 days beginning essex property trust contact with the date specified (a)the notification does not affect the duty imposed by subsection (1.
A defendant may appeal to the Crown Court against the making of a notification order or interim notification order.
51 was the relevant date in relation to that person.
81Persons formerly subject to Part 1 of the Sex Offenders Act 1997ewsn.(not altering text) 134Conditional discharges and probation ordersewsn.(5)For the purposes of section 103A, acts, behaviour, convictions and findings include those occurring before the commencement of this Part.6) (conviction with absolute or conditional discharge deemed not to be a conviction (b)Article 6(1) of the Criminal Justice (Northern dating foreign men Ireland) Order 1996 (S.I.(7)In this section the appropriate court means (a)where an adult magistrates' court made the sexual risk order, that court, any adult magistrates' court for the area in which the defendant resides or, where the application is made by a chief officer of police, any adult.