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Simply browse to using a PC or cell phone to access.
To meet this goal, Family Watchdog has built a bilingual safety portal on both the online and mobile platforms.
Rapid Protect app, yes, theres an app for that.Users can visit the.1 of 5 children has been sexually propositioned on the Internet.Family Watchdog : This site allows visitors to enter an address into a field and a map of nearby registered sex offenders will be displayed.Phil, user reviews dating site lexa Bill O'Reilly, Attorney General Charlie Crist of Florida, and over 200 law enforcement agencies and other government officials.You may be shocked by what you findI know I was.Our utilization and market acceptance is phenomenal.
If you are aware of missing or inaccurate informationfor example, if you know for a fact that an offender has movedyou can report this information to the police or directly to the website.
Family Watchdog, family Watchdog is a free resource that allows you to search by name or location to find registered offenders.
Information accuracy, the information on Family Watchdog and similar sites comes from the.Family Watchdog's mission is to build awareness of nearby threats by providing accessible and accurate sex offender location information.Is proudly the only sex offender registry in existence that is able to map registered sex offenders from all states.The Family Watchdog Sex Offender API is the most up to date sex offender search engine.As a result of this and the senseless assault and murder of several other children and young women, Family Watchdog was launched as a tool to aggregate sex offender information from all states and distribute that information to the community using an easy-to-use mapping interface.This app will identify the known locations of registered sex offenders within the.National SEX offender registry.Relies on advertising, corporate sponsorships and partnerships, and sales of notifications to fund our operational expenses and long-term investment required to maintain the best available technology to locate nearby offenders.In most cases, individuals convicted of misdemeanor crimes are not included.Unknown sex offenders in our communities represent a danger to our children unlike any other.