The crowd is eccentric and the environment is exciting.
Theres big flatscreens, inventive cocktails and cute guys in ene, 27; accountant; Murray Hill Read more about The Windsor 10/81Tekserve You gotta go to the Tekserve store on 23rd St (119 W 23rd St between Sixth and Seventh Aves;, m).
For most people, if theyre good at picking people up, that would work exi, 23; record label comanager; Bergen County, NJ 41/81High Horse Saloon Williamsburg is a great area.
Theres a lot of nightlife on Steinway on Friday nights, and you can meet a lot of people.Mitch, 24, business owner, Midtown East 34/81Photograph: Beth LevendisDorrians Red Hand Dorrians Red Hand (1616 Second Ave at 84th St;, m).You know, in a bar you expect it, and it can be kind of cheesy.Everyones drunk, its cheap, everyones trying to have fun and its not pretentious.Im always on Steinway Street in Astoria, and theres always someone new there I can meet.You can sit on a bench and look around, lots of people come through.There's nothing like flirting over a game that your grandparents could kick your ass.
Org) is a great place to pick people up because its basically a runway for the most attractive New Yorkers.
Theres lots of girls stretching, getting warmed up and becoming long and na, 26, marketing manager, West Village Read more about Physique 57 18/81Photograph: Anna SimonakUnion Square Outside in Union Square because there is the most variety of people, nationalities, philosophies, cultures and ways.Ask her advice on Twitter and Instagram, but dont be upset if her suggestions revolve meet women for sex comstock minnesota around finding an aviation cocktail.I meet people there.Blintzes, pirozhki, and plates of smoked fish, capped off with classic Russian pastries.Johns Pl, Crown Heights, Brooklyn;, m) has a very nice crowd thats mixedwhite, black, Spanishin their twenties and thirties.There are always groups from the city who are all different ethnicities and from different backgrounds who go to hang out, and you will always wind up meeting somebody cool and pretty.Mainly, though, everyone is bored and stuck on a boat, so you may as well strike up a ris, 26, art teacher, Morningside Heights Read more about the Staten Island Ferry 24/81Photograph: Hotel Gansevoort/njfprhotel Gansevoort I think the pool at the Hotel Gansevoort (18 Ninth.Jason, 22, consultant, West Village Read more about the High Line 14/81Barnes and Noble Barnes and Noble in Union Square (33 E 17th St;, m) is good because its like a half-time place for most people.

Assuming you do find someone, though, don't blow all your dates on beers at your neighborhood dive (that's first/second date material in our books).