Even John Gummer, secretary of date sex for free state at the time, went against the advice of his civil servants and chose not to call a public inquiry.
After all, it essentially has to fulfil only one function, and what a brilliantly inessential function it is: to lift people up from the ground, take them round a giant loop in the sky, then put them back down where they started.
Trust John and I to be stuck at the very top of the London Eye for farmer wants a wife experience an hour and a half on our two year anniversary, one rider said on social media.
For more info on the book go to ml, this article was amended on Thursday September 6 2007.That is not to say it isn't architecture (even though the judging panel for the 2001 Stirling prize famously decided it wasn't more to acknowledge that it exists in a category of its adultsex contacts own.In 1993, an article in the Sunday Times invited readers to "design a monument for the dawn of a new era".Who would dare pull it down?A conversation between Marks and Ayling around the delivery of a Christmas card led to Ayling putting BA's weight and cash behind the project, which enabled the architects to mount a serious campaign to get planning permission - the greatest obstacle of all.Over the next few years, armed with slides and models, the architects made hundreds of presentations explaining the Wheel, in MPs' offices, in tiny community centres, in marbled civic buildings, answering every conceivable question and solving every conceivable problem.It announces to the world that Britain is not stuck in the past, that we're looking ahead, that we still have something to offer - as evidenced by its heavy inclusion in London's bid for the 2012 Olympics.We Britons cherish our crusty, useless rituals, our cumbersome history, but now and again there is nothing we enjoy more than flicking a V sign at it all.The project has changed hand several times since, and is now owned by Merlin Entertainments Group.Research carried out when it was re-applying for planning permission showed that support for the Eye, both in the local area and across London, stood.
Way back in the late 20th century, who could have guessed that what the capital needed more than anything else was a gigantic hi-tech bicycle wheel on the South Bank?The architect Terry Farrell did not design the MI5 building, as stated in the article above; he designed Vauxhall Cross, the headquarters of MI6.Heritage, site - the Palace of Westminster - and makes no concessions to the precious statues and stonework and spires around.The Eye doesn't detract from its sensitive surroundings; instead it throws them into 21st-century relief.Additional giveaways are planned.But in less than a decade, the London Eye has become such an integral part of our capital city, it feels as if it has always been there - and as if it has always belonged there.We all need to know where the best loos are in central London whether we're visiting or local.Three pensioners bring down thief police had been trying to catch for 18 months.Several months later, the Sunday Times quietly announced that nobody had won the competition since the entries had shown a disappointing lack of imagination.There were some vociferous opponents, but to the architects' surprise, more than 80 of the respondents approved or made no objection.