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Treatment groups, the Hall Recovery Course, paula Hall Associates have been providing recovery courses for many years and the Hall Recovery Course is the most widely used treatment programme in the.
Please visit us at or contact us for more information.Our model is based on Irving Yaloms Interpersonal Group Therapy, whereby we see a single interpersonal transaction as representative of a larger pattern of behaviour.Meetings are free and held all finding sex partner website around the.We run groups for men, groups for women, and groups for partners.Please note that the google map tags do not link to the meeting address, and the tags are only used as a guide to meeting locations.Click on the following link for more information: sa-recovery.T:, e : Innisfree Therapy, in combination with individual therapy, Innisfree Therapy offers a range of Therapy Groups. .There are unique experiences and particular problems facing partners of sex addicts.
The Hall Recovery Course is not group therapy where you will be expected to share personal feelings that are uncomfortable for you.
There are no dues or fees for SA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions.Those in need of immediate help who are unable to join in regular treatment.Our primary purpose is to stay sexually sober and help others to achieve sexual sobriety.Click on the following link for more information: a-recovery.In this group, individuals come together and work on issues of their choice.

Meetings are the core of recovery in SAA.
The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop lusting and become sexually sober.
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