segregated fund maturity date

However, they are one of the most expensive mutual slapperdating funds you can buy.
Segregated Fund Investing, sun Life and the Royal Bank of Canada are two companies with segregated fund product offerings for Canadians.This provision usually applies to both the death benefit and the annuity payouts.Segregated funds would appeal to: people who is meet me for sex are self-employed, or have a professional corporation, or are at risk of declaring bankruptcy, as their assets are protected.Someone who thinks the odds are high that they will die within the next decade.In most cases the guarantee will be a waste of money, especially if the fund holds bonds. .Like mutual funds, segregated funds consist of a pool of investments in securities such as bonds, debentures, and stocks The value of the segregated fund fluctuates according to the market value of the underlying securities.Segregated Funds: The insurance guarantee, the value of the funds fluctuates according to the market. .The segregated funds come with an insurance guarantee.Tax treatment, taxation differs from regular mutual funds (if not in a registered account You are only taxed on income you actually receive.There may also be hefty fees if the fund is redeemed prior to maturity, so lack of liquidity can be a concern.Exempt from probate fees, so may be good for estate planning.
Also with mutual funds, capital losses are carried forward by the fund and you are taxed on capital gains.See alsoedit, life insurance, universal life insurance, variable universal life insurance, unitised insurance fund, referencesedit 404 - Page not found globeadvisorcom: Seg funds cut the risk - but at what price.What is a 'Segregated Fund a segregated fund is a type of investment fund used by Canadian insurance companies to manage individual, variable annuity insurance products.People approaching retirement who need equity returns but dont like the risk and want to be well protected with the security of a guarantee. A segregated fund offers investment capital appreciation and life insurance benefits.Most come with two forms of guarantee: If you hold your money in the fund for 10 years and the portfolio goes down, you get at least a partial refund.They also offer a life insurance death benefit if the owner dies before the contract matures.Segregated funds must be held until maturity.They also offer investors varying terms for annuity payouts and the life insurance benefit.

Is the guarantee worth the extra cost? .