(Paul Lockwood) Café bbiss, home of the Gersthofer Brauhaus, was acquired by the BOB's of Augsburg earlier this year.
1667: Re-named New York City.1858: Minnesota a state.Hawaiian religion hula abolished.The pub is on the left bank of the Dahme next to a lock.Much of today's news has been taken from regular contributor Alex Deuerlein's blog, Hausbrauereien und Bierdeckel.(Sachsa Bruns) bayern Well-regarded Nürnberg Altstadt bar Hütt'n now has a picobrewery which goes by the name Nürnberger Burgbräu.The question is, does this count?
( Alex Deuerlein ) saarland Han Winteraeken visited Ponter in Besseringen earlier this month and was told by the owner they'd stopped brewing in 2007.Ml The steins painting is most likely a PUG print (transfer) under glaze, with some hand painted touch up to make it appear to be hand painted. The word Sterling?(Ludger Berges) Many of you may already be aware that Stone Brewing of San Diego have announced ambitious plans for a brewery in Berlin.(David Hughes) 30th June 2014 local swingers magazine baden-WÜrttemberg A third brewery opened in Offenburg in March.(Patrick Waters) The communal brewers of Neuhaus an der Pegnitz no longer use the towns old Falkenloch brewery as, according to Herr Benaburger, it is "Kaput." Since March, the wort has been brewed at Bürgerbräu in Hersbruck.(Paul Lockwood) bayern Brewing at Vilstaler Stein-Bräu is suspended until February due to it being expanded.