There was a special transit camp for Allied prisoners of war at the former Europäischer Hof at 39, Ettlinger Strasse, in Karlsruhe.
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The military administration responsible for supplying the camps had much difficulty in feeding the troops, considered a priority, which partly explains the catastrophic state of supplies in the camps.
New York: George.First, the Gelinder Arrest (mild detention) of up to nine weeks simply involved locking up the prisoner, but theoretically with no further deprivation.By 1936, three decorations had been established intending to honour their sacrifices: the Médaille des victimes de l'invasion (1921 Médaille de la Fidélité Française (1922) and the Médaille des prisonniers civils, déportés et otages de la Grande Guerre (1936).129 Still, sales for war stories quickly dropped as popular demand shifted elsewhere.Prisoners were not the only ones to suffer from the situation; the general population was also affected.Similar Images Add to Likebox # Night view of Neumunster in GD of Luxembourg, Europe Similar Images Add to Likebox # Panoramic view on Abbaye de Neumunster and.
Every month, a prisoner had the right to write two letters (limited to six pages each for officers, and four pages for other ranks on paper that he had to buy at the camp, and four postcards.
Further memoirs of the US ambassador to Berlin Wood, Eric Fisher (1915).
Characteristics of the prisoners' medal Geneva Convention 1864 Charles Hennebois, Aux mains de lAllemagne,.27.From 1915, prayer rooms were built for Christians, Jews, and Muslims.My German Prisons: being the experiences of an officer during two and a half years as a prisoner of war.Noon, soupe grasse, beef, potatoes, salad and coffee.Adventures in German captivity.50 Mail edit Mail was vital for the prisoners of war.52 On an average week, French prisoners received 45,000 letters containing money.If we can hold on and publish only good publications on the war, the House will emerge from the conflict in more of a starring role than before.