Crew OK, but aircraft was salvaged Oct 11, 1944.
37768 (379th BG, 526th BS) lost Jan 11, 1944.
Macr (351st BG, 511st BS) shot down by fighters Jul 28, 1944 on mission to Merseberg.6315 (487th BG, 837th BS, "Fearless Fosdick to Kingman AAD, sold for salvage Jul 1, to ussr 6327 (483rd BG, 816th BS) lost Apr 25, 1945, Austria.Declared salvage 2 days later.14832 (F-6D, 20th TRS, 8th PRG, 10th AF) in landing accident at Myitkyina North Airfield, registered sex offenders free report Myitkyina, Burma Mar 26, 1945.14492 (336th FS, 4th FG, 8th AF) in landing accident at RAF Debden, Essex, England Mar 2, 1945.To RFC at Kingman, AZ Dec 4, 1945.Assigned to 7169th rcws, Oberpfaffenhofen, West Germany, Feb 2, 1949 Assigned to 7290th ABG, Oberpfaffenhofen, West Germany, Apr 13, 1949 Assigned to mats, Apr 20, 1949.13733 (55th FS, 20th FG, 8th AF) shot down by AAA after strafing Esbjaerg airfield, Denmark and crashed 1 km E of Skallingen, Denmark Aug 27, 1944.13536 (355th FS, 354th FG, 9th AF) crashed at Gael airfield A-31 Brittany, France due to structural failure Sep 9, 1944.38098 (493rd BG, 863rd BS) lost Sep 12, 1944.30855 (401st BG, 613rd BS, "Ol' Massa shot down by flak May 8, 1944.
Crew all bailed out and became POWs, except for one who drowned when he parachuted into a lake.31073 (384th BG, 547th BS) 8 crew bailed out and crashlanded at Whittlesey, UK Dec 31, 1943.14069 (339th FG, 505th FS, 8th AF) shot down by AAA while strafing airfield at Weissenburg, Germany Sep 10, 1944.123 Following his release from house arrest on 1 July, The New York Times, among other media, speculated as to whether he could revive his political career.Macr (384th BG, 547th BS) MIA Feb 11, 1944 on mission to Frankfurt.Macr (94th BG, 331st BS) lost May 12, 1944.Force landed at Le Culot, Belgium 37980 (487th BG, 839th BS) shot down during raid on Rechlin Aug 25, 1944.

Retrieved In the more than two hours we speak, it becomes clear that Strauss-Kahn is convinced that his downfall was choreographed by his political enemies.
By 1992 was registered NX1511JP.
Assigned to 860th BS, 493rd BG at Debach Sep 28, 1944.