After the FES Tag, the Mensa staff despaired that they had far too much cutlery hidden around the school and according I was set to collect and count out 300 knives, forks, teaspoons and dessert spoons.
Pray against bad memories re-surfacing whilst sleeping, and for good sleep Pray against hiding stuff from people who can help, for reasons of guilt / shame / not wanting to make a fuss, because thats really not helpful Thanks for good friends and a good.
Ciao x, advertisements, the last week of school, the last tutoring sessions, the last Scouts, the last Its been odd over the previous 10 days or so, as if suddenly the table has been flipped, or the resistance on a cycle machine suddenly switched off.Hotel Axion, freiburger Str.Back at the station, we said tschüss to Hanna, grabbed drinks at a cafe and discussed plans for the next few months.The day before, however, there was a WhatsApp message from her asking if I would be prepared to cook the main meal for the 45-guest reception, since the chef was signed off ill and the catering company didnt have anyone else.The Gymnasium prayer room wall; Psalm 63 and a map of Afghanistan.It might only be a weekly timetable, and change next week, but its certainly a start and it is far easier to plan life outside of the school when I know my hours.Lets hope and pray that I wont arrive too soggy!It was sufficiently spontaneous that I forgot to take note of when her coach pulled in, and instead spent a good part of a hour chatting to a Turkish homeless guy outside the station.Yep, freshly made asparagus soup!
Monte Cinto with the parents, beautiful granite peaks.
Pray for retention of knowledge and know-how so that I can work effectively and efficiently as part of the team for the next weeks and terms.Simply trusting God with the future and forgetting about it would be a good idea, but every few days I re-start to ponder and its not especially helpful!As a general rule, asparagus is somewhat disparaged in the.Alas, the poor children in the primary school are still only allowed outside if they wear their thick winter coats.Why do I always end up doing too much?Osprey was born in California, 1974, at the seat of a single sewing machine, with a head full of ideas and a desire to design build innovative backpacks to the highest quality.It is sort of laid out in thirds; one third is the Gymnasium (grammar) school, the Werk Realschule and the technical Gymnasium, the second third is the Realschule and mensa (canteen and the sports courts, and the third portion contains the kindergarten, the kita, some.My host mother and I harvested the last crops of potatoes, including a set of the delicious blue potatoes, and brought in a number of carrots, the last of the raspberries, a lot of tomatillos and some tomatoes.Today has been another local slappers ipswich good day at the school, followed by another visit to the DRK in Haagen.

I cant believe its already nearing the end of April!
I had been invited by a former FSJlerin who I had previously met on another visit, and she assured me it would be good.
Last quick trip round my castleBurg Rötteln in the early morning.