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A covered offender local slags reviews shall be eligible to petition the court in a civil proceeding for an order that the covered offender's registration requirements under this chapter be terminated, as provided in section 846E-10.
If the covered offender is not satisfied with the decision of the attorney general on the request for termination of registration requirements, the covered offender may appeal the decision pursuant to chapter.
To make appointment call 586-1908.(d) Registration information for each covered offender shall include a signed statement by the covered offender containing: (1) The name, all prior names, nicknames and pseudonyms, and all aliases used by the covered offender or under which the covered offender has been known and other.Covered offenders required to register in person with the chief of police under this subsection shall register no later than three working days after the earliest of: (1) Arrival in this State; (2) Release from incarceration; (3) Release from commitment; (4) Release on furlough; (5).Information displayed on this site provides no representation as to any offender's possibility of future crimes.The information that is displayed on this site derives from official public records.Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 846E-2.Covered offenders shall register at the Honolulu Police Department's Records and Identification Division at 801 South Beretania Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.Covered Offenders can also register (by appointment only) with the State of Hawaii Attorney General Investigative Division at 465 South King Street Room B 1, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.Persons who use information contained on this website to threaten, intimidate, or harass any individual, including registrants or family members may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability under state of federal law.
It is possible that information displayed here does not reflect current residence or other information.222,.3d 242 (2004).(a) A covered offender shall register with the attorney general and comply with the provisions of this chapter for life or for a shorter period of time as provided in this chapter.Covered Offender Registry, the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center maintains a central registry of covered offenders for the State of Hawaii.There will be no registrations on weekends and on State Holidays.(e) The following information shall also be included in the registry for each covered offender: (1) A current photograph of the covered offender; (2) A physical description of the covered offender, including a description of particular identifying characteristics such as scars or tattoos; (3) Confirmation.(b) A person who establishes or maintains a residence in this State and who has not been designated as a covered offender by a court of this State but maturity date of insurance who has been designated as a covered offender, sex offender, offender against minors, repeat covered offender.Persons who have been convicted of certain sex offenses are required to register.THE information provided ON this site IS provided aublic sex meeting montreal service only AND should NOT BE used TO threaten, intimidate, OR harass.

Misuse OF this information MAY result IN criminal prosecution.
L 2013, c 64,.
The Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center maintains a central registry of sex offenders and other covered offenders for the State of Hawaii.