Court heard that on March 12, 2011, Ndhlovu was invited by a woman, who cant be identified under a court-ordered publication aliceayers hornymatches ban, to attend a party billed on Facebook as a highly sexualized Jersey Shore event that was to have a stripper pole available.
Location then: Calgary Read the Calgary Herald article Read the Metro News article Erik Wanamaker, Age: 63 Convicted Sept.
Sentence: 2013, Mar 21 months prison.
Location: Calgary, AB, read the Calgary Sun article (Mar 23/13 read the Calgary Sun article (Jan 16/13 john Gerald Mills,.He was still on probation for sexual assaulting an eight-year old girl when he committed this crime).Sentence: 2012, August - Pled guilty To be sentenced Nov 14 Location: Calgary, AB New Charges 2013: Read the Calgary Sun article (May 3/13) Read the 660 News article (May 4/13) Read the Edmonton Journal article (Feb 9/13) - Original Charges Read the Calgary Herald.However, he pled guilty to the above 3 charges in 2010 Last Location: Valleyview, AB Read the m article Read the iNews 880 Radio article Read the Edmonton Sun article Bradley Shawn Lemire, 48 Crime: Possessing and making child pornography and sexual touching Sentence: 2011.Ndhlovu, who was born and raised in Zimbabwe, swiss sex contacts had declined because he was working the next day, but the woman insisted on his attendance, arranged a ride for him, and told him he could stay overnight and get a ride to work the next morning.6 2011 to two years less a day for possessing and accessing child pornography.He would also have been placed on the national sex offender registry for life, however he challenged the constitutionality of the mandatory lifetime registration.Crimes: Possessing and printing child pornography charged and imprisoned; charged again Feb 2013 with possession and production of child pornography and is in custody.30 to return to court with further charter arguments or a possible legal remedy in the case.TOS has two units: Targeted Enforcement Unit and Offender Coordination Unit.
Sentence: Pled guilty in 2012, location: Calgary, AB, read the Calgary Sun article (Mar 11/13).
In striking down the laws, she also ruled she was declining to order Ndhlovu be placed on the registry."In my view, including offenders on the registry who have little to no chance of reoffending bears no relation to protecting the public.Court heard Ndhlovu touched each womans buttocks while the three were posing for a picture.The Targeted Offender Section works closely with many Edmonton Police Service units and other police agencies.All information is from public sources.Sentence: Released 2013, Jan, after serving 2 years in prison; charged again 2013, Feb.