The boy was happy when he found ten dollars.
Who told you to visit your neighbor?
The woman must not shout at internet adult dating site her husband.
Does your wife sex contact gezocht want you to speak Polish fluently?112 Marek wstaje o siódmej rano i je niadanie kwadrans po siódmej.The young actor fell in love with the chemist's daughter because she smiled at him when he looked at her.I haven't read the book yet.How old is your cat?The scientist doesn't want to get married because he loves science more than women.Let's try not to quarrel when we are angry.217 Bd dobrym stolarzem.1164 Ich córka jest grubsza ni nasza.I didn't know your neighbor was such an unpleasant man.
480 Chc, eby mi pomoga.
It will not be dark at five o'clock.548 To stanie si za dwa dni.Manowski/ spotted one big tanker near Spartivento /Mediteranean Sea/ on May 24th and fired four torpedoes from distance 800 o torpedoes hit tanker and a big fire broke out.1498 Ten prawnik zarabia wystarczajco sex offenders list what is it pienidzy, eby utrzyma swoj du rodzin.The ambitious student wants to be able to build correct German sentences.I asked somebody else because I didn't know they would help.446 Czy umiecie odpowiedzie na moje pytanie?

Yesterday I saw the longest snake in the world.
If I wanted to learn German I'd go to Germany.
My garden is more beautiful than my neighbor's.