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Gali was quickly sentenced to a year in jail 11 months for sex outside of marriage and 1 month for drinking alcohol and 2 of the accused rapists got the same sentence. .
But when she got there, she found another world entirely.Police are asking for the public's help to identify a man they say propositioned a 12-year-old girl for sex in East Vancouver last month.He was wearing red plaid jacket over a black hoodie and blue jeans at the time of the alleged incident.Eventually the pain of what turned out to be four broken ribs became too much to bear, so Gali took herself to the hospital.We would like to identify him to help us determine if he is a risk to youth in the area.I dont even remember finishing the drink. .
After she took herself to the hospital, she was thrown in jail for eight months for sex outside of marriage.Years later, Gali has granted her first television interview to Yahoo 7 News Ross Coulthart, and the news organization traveled all sex offender registry 46256 over the world to get to the bottom of the story.She was pardoned at eight months and allowed to go home. .There were reports of screams near her room that night, but Alicia doesnt remember what happened. .She brought her laptop, ordered one drink, and some online dating sex blog of her colleagues came over to put some more ice.The interviewer repeated incredulously: Youve been raped.