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(iv) A copy of the contracting officers final decision (see.605 ).
(f) The deferment agreement shall not provide that a claim of the Government will not become due and payable pending mutual agreement on the amount of the claim or, in woman looking for a man with a bald head the case of a dispute, until the decision is reached.For debts under 100,000, excluding interest, the designated agency official may compromise the debt pursuant to the Federal Claims Collection Standards (31 CFR part 902) and agency regulations.3711(g 1) payment offices are required to transfer any debt that is delinquent more dream woman wanted, detlef than 180 days to the Department of Treasury for collection.(A credit invoice is a contractors request to liquidate the debt against existing unpaid bills due the contractor or (2) Notifies the contracting officer columbia daily adult personals that the payment office overpaid on an invoice payment.(6) Notification that the payment office may initiate procedures, in accordance with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, to offset the debt against any payments otherwise due the contractor.(5) Overpayments disclosed by quarterly statements required under price redetermination or incentive contracts.If it is not practicable to identify all affected lines of accounting, the contracting officer may select representative lines of accounting in accordance with paragraph (b 2 ii) of this section.It should permit the Government to make periodic financial reviews of the contractor and to require payments earlier than required by the agreement if the Government considers the contractors ability to pay improved.(2) Issue the demand for payment even if (i) The debt is or will be the subject of a bilateral modification; (ii) The contractor is otherwise obligated to pay the money under the existing contract terms; or (iii) The contractor has agreed to repay the.
(c) (1) The contracting officer should consider any information necessary to develop a recommendation on the deferment request.(a) The contracting officer shall insert the clause.232-17, Interest, in solicitations and contracts unless it is contemplated that the contract will be in one or more of the following categories: (1) Contracts at or below the simplified acquisition threshold.(5) A requirement for the contractor to submit financial information requested by the Government and for reasonable access to the contractors records and property by Government representatives.When the contractor provides the notification, the contracting officer shall notify the payment office of the overpayment.(b) As provided for in the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 (.S.C.(7) Protective requirements that are considered by the Government to be prudent and feasible in the specific circumstances.(14) Reimbursement of amounts due under.102 (b 3) and.104 (h 8).

(4) Increases to financing payment liquidation rates.