You guys had feelings to begin d if it didn't end bad, then there'll definitely still be chemistry there.
What you woman looking for man really can have is a consensual, casual sexual relationship mature looking for sex without all of the other relationship stuff getting too deep.Some guys will get attached.She has to be a sexually liberated woman, which are rare, or else things will get messy.Hell a news article made it into a science, saying when a female/male orgasms during sex it releases hormones that make the person more attracted to their mething like that.Sex with no strings attached is one of the ultimate goals that men have when it comes to bedding women, and you know what?I can just be free and do whatever I want.
It means while they're screwing you they can go venture off and get other women as well.You must verify that you are 18 years of age or older to enter this site.Person 1: "They are the best group of voices ever to come together.Like I said, the idea that you can have sex without any kind of strings involved really does not exist.Not as many guys can handle having sex with a woman on an ongoing basis and not catching feelings themselves.