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GL Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.Women not having to play this coquettish bull* role, pretending she doesn't like sex, or even worse, being so sexually repressed that she actually doesn't.If you want to have sex with him and he wants to do the same, you two should just go for.If it's easy for me to wait that's a bad sign too.That is amazing., 10:21 AM, jacksonPanther, location: North Jackson 1,600 posts, read 2,097,383 times, reputation: 1924.I was talking 1960s-70s.Gauging interest means you assume she is not interested at the start, so you need to find evidence that you are turning her around.You get and keep women not by "convincing" with "hoop tricks".I've heard that idea too but think it's a bunch o' crud.
A lot of guys don't get laid, and this happened to me in my younger days, because they are way too slow out of fear of making her uncomfortable.
I don't think it's too soon, as long as you both fully trust and care about each other it's totally fine.
Cities, counties, and zip codes on our site:.Waiting for three months because you think that will give the relationship a better chance is silly.Waiting for this reason is thus probably not advisable.It was a lot more recent than 1792.I'd vote for waiting till you get married.I note with interest that since this thread was moved out of the Chicago forum and into Relationships where a wider world of people can respond, the answers to the OP's question have become quite different.

Look, I don't believe in dating rules either, don't buy the oft-trotted advice that you have to shag by date three, but I must raise an eyebrow at the idea of not even being interested in sex for that long.
She isn't saying that at all., 03:51 PM Lorielicious Location: Chicago 880 posts, read 1,024,376 times Reputation: 1176 All right, Peggy Sue, we'll have to agree to disagree.
Waiting a little bit to get to know him first is totally reasonable.