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When I was young, but only ten, I met a girl whose heart was crystalline, Shimmering and shining on all she knew.You are unique and special.Paris will always belong to lovers.Similar to the fake coal I gave my brothers and nephew as a joke along with their gifts!).What other time of year do you sit in front of a dead tree in the living room and eat nuts and sweets out of your socks?Millburn, nj All I Really Need is You All I really need is you.I wish you enjoy the holidays with them and that you will be blessed.Any thoughts or comments on the Befana?In many parts of Italy she has been replaced or overshadowed by Santa.Cherish the moment as it only comes once in a while.Thank you for being such a wonderful friend for.
Millions of people all over the world observe it with complete pleasure and joy.
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Put a smile on your face and make someones Christmas day a bit brighter in order to spread the good holiday cheer.Sending you all the love in the world!The reigning emperor forbid the maturity date is soldiers to marry.A romantic cruise on the Seine, lovers kissing along her bank, roses later bought for his sweetheart, for a Franc.I wish that you may realize this Christmas that the best presents cannot be unwrapped or be spotted underneath the tree because the best presents are surrounding youyour friends and family.With Valentines day around the corner, your loved one is just waiting to see what you have in store for them.

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