You are my only love Boy : Then is he ur brother?
Her memory can beat the fastest supercomputer ever made. .
Boy : Gadhe ki bachhi call kar mujhe Girl: Oh ok ok!
I must find out.) Warning: Gals OK means nothing. .Boy: (last seen 12:09am girl: I think your looking very tired cpz off work load.And just say some crap.So now u go to bed n sleep.I like your presence. .If she answers yes, go full speed ahead to her place.19 If you didnt have a boyfriend, do you think we would have made out with each other?Gal: Nothing. .Why dont you answer me?
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I love you a lot.
And she doesnt even know to behave in class. .Girl : shall we talk something else Boy : So u r hiding something from me?Any other bitch?) 2 minutes passed.Added on 7 Jul '13 Posted by sms2everyone Categories Birthday SMS, Friendship SMS, Funny SMS, Love SMS Life is not about a handsome guy/girl by Your side, but about a kamina friend with whom you can discuss sex 3rd date too soon all shitt things about the handsme guy/girl, Its not about.Flirt SMS, Flirt Text Messages, Romantic Flirt SMS, Hindi Flirt SMS, Urdu Flirt SMS, Flirt Mobile SMS, Best Flirt SMS, Flirting SMS, Flirting Messages, Latest Flirt SMS Collection.Please tell me Bf: You just turned.Bf: Mission achievedit will be more than his when I come.