The "sexy nurse" is one variety of the numerous "sexy X" Halloween costumes which are marketed toward women and apparently will be until the end of time.
Fanfic The Evangelion fic The Visitor has Shinji getting out of an Angel battle blind.
By Marbles 05:27 PM 294 2,027 Politics and Religion (1 Viewing) These topics might be taboo at the family dinner table, but not here.
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6,336 26,617 Current Events open TO guests : talk about adult sex dating in glenham south dakota what's going on in the world today : News (2 Viewing) If it's going on in the world today, it's news.Subverted in the Friends episode "The One With the Halloween Party when Chandler thinks Mona came as a 'slutty nurse she insists she's dressed as a regular nurse.It does not have the intended effect, however.596 1,427, member Announcements.The males definitely approve."Since You Asked So Nicely" sums it all.