Tori, the nurse of Awful Hospital, is very curvy and wears a form-fitting nurse outfit.
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When Eve starts to change into scrubs, Kristof admits that he wants her to play a patient, and that the nurse's uniform was just self-indulgence and not related to their mission.
They are, in fact, a group of nurses which means that that's what Jim Balent thinks nurses look like.Persia in Jay Naylor 's dating in lubeck Intensive Care pornfolio.Hospital Hottie or for the relationship between caregiver and patient for that, see.Haruhi Suzumiya : Mikuru wears a nurse outfit in the Baseball Episode.Open/close all folders, advertising, anime and Manga, in the special.In Black Adventures, N's latest Attractive Bent Gender crossdressing stunt was this.Actually, any effect that might've occurred was sorely hampered by the fact that, due to Laser-Guided Amnesia, said fanboy pal is unaware (but her childhood friend isn't ) that 17-year-old Nanaka has the personality and mindset of a 6-year-old.Faith donned one of these in an episode of Hope And Faith when she was employed as a receptionist at Charlie's work (he's an orthodontist).
It is, however, something of a, dead Unicorn Trope.
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In the fantasy shots, Elliot and Carla are wearing sexier versions of their normal scrubs, with ample cleavage.Best Adult Comics Galleries: Free Adult Comics Sites: Stunning choice of real dirty XXX comics - from old good American-style stuff to piping hot hentai masterpieces!To give the comic credit, the character Peggy, who is actually a nurse, is shown in completely realistic scrubs when she's on duty (and, being as sexy as any woman in the cast, she looks just fine in them, in a businesslike way).I heard that you were feeling ill Headache, fever and a chill I came to help restore your pluck Cause I'm the nurse who likes.He also reminds her of a time when he had a cold and she spent the entire weekend in his hotel room nursing him back to health, while wearing an appropriately revealing uniform.

Red-and-white stripes (as in the page image) are not uncommon, referring to the outfits that gave hospital volunteers the nickname "candy stripers otherwise, the outfit is likely to be pure white.