Our poll published last week found that half (53) of never-married Americans would like to eventually tie the knot.
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In amongst a bunch of declarations along the lines of, Radical feminism is without doubt a female supremacy ideology thats driven by misandry; a hatred for men and boys and Its time to stop talking about overturning a patriarchy that doesnt exist, there are points.If you accept this view, then you see why MRAs feel the way they do about feminism: by the same rationale, anything that elevates women oppresses men, and thus feminism is by its very nature bad for men.This, of course, is bullshit.The Sexual Contract, its a society meeting up with ex for sex wherein the patriarchal construction of the difference between masculinity and femininity is the political difference between freedom and subjection.My friends boyfriend told me that he prefers older women because we know what we want.If the assclowns who profess to care about their fellow men just want something to complain about, feminism will always be a convenient scapegoat.Looking at the most recently available census data, we explored the demographics of the marriage market based on what women said they want in a spouse.
If you want proof that the world is still biased very much in favor of men, have a read through Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburgs dissent on the Hobby Lobby case, and then meditate on this for a bit: There are many things to dislike about.We know what we want.What feminist theoreticians refer to as the patriarchy is exactly this: as Carole Pateman writes.Most women take care of themselves, and they look beautiful for much longer.Topics: Population Trends, Demographics, Lifestyle, Marriage and Divorce.Most women dont date younger men, because they are afraid of what people might say.Share your thoughts, please!Nationwide, single young men outnumber their female counterparts.This is another reason why you can date a younger man.But these relationships can actually work very well.

As with extremists in many other areas, they hijack and polarize a discussion that is worth having.