Yang eeoc Vice Chair - 4/28/2014 eeoc Sues Custom Built Personal Training for Pregnancy Discrimination - 4/24/2014 Federal Appeals Court Rules for eeoc in its Disability Discrimination Case Against Ford Motor - 4/23/2014 eeoc Sues ezeflow USA for Disability Discrimination - 4/23/2014 eeoc Wins Summary.
To Pay 100,000 to Settle eeoc Disability Discrimination Suit - 4/18/2013 Mercado Japonés Edgewater Pagará 250,000 a Empleados Hispanos Pagados Menos Por Origen Nacional - 4/17/2013 Edgewater Japanese Market to Pay 250,000 to Hispanic Employees Paid less Due to National Origin - 4/17/2013 AVT.
Slavin Sons to Pay 900,000 to Settle eeoc Discrimination Suit - 12/15/2011 Vitas Healthcare Sued By eeoc in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit - 12/14/2011 Dairy Queen Restaurant Sued By eeoc for Sexual Harassment maturity date of the bond and Retaliation - 12/14/2011 Federal Court Signs Order for Blockbuster Inc.29 - 8/26/2014 eeoc Sues Costco for Sex Discrimination - 8/25/2014 eeoc Sues Arthurs Restaurant Bar for Pregnancy Discrimination - 8/25/2014 Food Lion Sued by eeoc for Religious Discrimination - 8/20/2014 eeoc Lawsuit Challenges Orion Energy Wellness Program and Related Firing of Employee - 8/20/2014.Settles eeoc Religious Discrimination Lawsuit - 12/20/2013 Regions Bank to Pay 95,000 to Settle eeoc Age and Disability Discrimination Lawsuit - 12/20/2013 eeoc Sues Food Rite Community Supermarket For Sex Discrimination - 12/19/2013 eeoc Sues Maui County Police Department for Age Discrimination - 12/18/2013 eeoc.26 in Oakland To Advance Hiring of Workers with Disabilities - 10/20/2009 eeoc to Hold Listening Session Oct.Sued By eeoc For Sexual Harassment - 9/28/2011 Big Lots Store Of Fort Smith Sued By eeoc For Sexual Harassment - 9/28/2011 Landau Uniforms Sued By eeoc For Pregnancy Discrimination - 9/28/2011 eeoc Sues Ryan Trucking for Sex Discrimination - 9/28/2011 eeoc Sues West Jackson.Eeoc Harassment Task Force to Host Public Meeting, First In Los Angeles - 10/22/2015 National Tire and Battery to Pay 22,500 to Settle eeoc National Origin / Religious Harassment Suit - 10/20/2015 Roberta.To Pay 125,000 for Same-Sex Harassment in eeoc Lawsuit - 2/27/2014 eeoc Seeks Public Comment on Revised Management Directive Improving Federal Sector Complaint Process - 2/24/2014 Baptist Health South Florida to Pay 215,000 to Settle eeoc Disability Discrimination Suit - 2/21/2014 eeoc Sues TNT Propane.For Disability Discrimination - 4/26/2018 Macys To Pay 75,000 To Settle eeoc Disability Discrimination Lawsuit - 4/18/2018 Pruitthealth Sued by eeoc For Pregnancy Discrimination - 4/18/2018 Hertz to Pay 45,000 to Settle eeoc Disability Discrimination Lawsuit - 4/18/2018 DDZ To Pay 625,400 To Settle eeoc.To Pay 30,000 to Settle eeoc Race Harassment Lawsuit - 1/10/2017 eeoc Seeks Public Input on Proposed Enforcement Guidance on Harassment - 1/10/2017 Gregory.Pagará 180,000 Para Resolver Demanda de Discriminación por Discapacidad por la eeoc - 7/2/2014 America's Largest Drug Store Chain to Pay 180,000 to Settle eeoc Disability Discrimination Suit - 7/2/2014 eeoc Sues Bliss Cabaret for Race Discrimination and Retaliation - 7/2/2014 eeoc Sues Wal-Mart for.For Alleged Sex Harassment By Supervisor - 9/30/2010 eeoc Sues El Palacio For Pregnancy Discrimination - 9/30/2010 Arrowhead Honda Sued By eeoc For Same-Sex Harassment Of Men - 9/30/2010 Securitas Sued For Sexual Harassment And Retaliation - 9/30/2010 Fox News Sued by eeoc for Retaliation.
20 in New Orleans to Advance Hiring of Workers with Disabilities - Cheesecake Factory Settles eeoc Suit in Case of Severe Same-Sex Sexual Harassment - Arbonne International to Pay 30,000 To Settle eeoc Disability Discrimination Suit - 11/9/2009 Regal Entertainment Group to Pay 175,000 for.Be sure to check back here, follow us on social, and bookmark our website for future use.David Lopez Sworn in as General Counsel of the eeoc - 4/8/2010 Chai Feldblum Sworn in as a Commissioner Of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - 4/7/2010 Jacqueline.Brown Associates Settle eeoc Pregnancy Discrimination Suit - 6/25/2013 eeoc Sues Chipotle Mexican Grill for Disability Discrimination - 6/24/2013 eeoc Sues Royal Tire for Pay Bias - 6/21/2013 Americold Logistics to Pay 46,000 to Settle eeoc Disability Lawsuit - 6/20/2013 Hutchinson Sealing Systems to Pay.Weisberg Becomes Regional Attorney of eeocs Miami District Office - 9/27/2010 eeoc Sues Barnhouse Restaurant in Kewanee for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation - 9/27/2010 eeoc Sues New York University for National Origin and Racial Harassment, Retaliation - 9/27/2010 Home Care Facility Sued by eeoc for.Sued for Disability Discrimination and Harassment - 10/3/2011 Guam Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Sued by EOC Sexual Harassment - 10/3/2011 Guam Aircraft Company Sued for Religious Discrimination by eeoc - 10/3/2011 Pitre Car Dealership Sued by eeoc for Male-on-Male Harassment and Retaliation - 10/3/2011 BellSouth Telecom Sued.