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Updated: August 30, 2012 at 9:30am by Lanetra Bennett The fun personality tests for groups jury has just been sworn in in the trial of Kevin Cantrell.
Ryan McCarthy was relieved of his teaching duties in the English Department immediately after his arrest.
Another defendent, Jason Jarrell, goes on trial tomorrow.
Then eventually, he said, "Both." The report says Williams asked to see a picture of the child.The 'What Now' prompt must be displayed before any keyboard commands can be given.Most of the men are facing charges of using a computer to solicit sex with a minor and travelling to try to make it happen.He'll be a registered sex offender once he gets out.We were using chat rooms and we were using a lot of public classified ad type things.Jarrell took the woman up on the online offer and now he's been found guilty of solicitation of a minor.
The jury has been deliberating since two o'clock this afternoon.We've learned that he is a minister at a church in Tallahassee.When he was questioned at the church Monday, Jones initially told police he was never serious about meeting the dad and daughter and was trying to bait the father into giving him the address so he could call the police.Students tell us McCarthy was teaching an introduction to Shakespeare class in the Williams Building, but wasn't in class today (Wednesday.) updated 10/19/11 The following is the official statement from Pastor.The men were arrested along with more than three dozen others in a record breaking sting last fall.She says in many cases they begin chatting with an adult only to have a child introduced into the conversation.