maturity date of patriot bonds

Using EE Bonds for Education.
In other words, we compare the search woman from winterthur cumulative effect of applying only market-based rates for the entire period to the cumulative effect of applying only a guaranteed rate or guaranteed rates for that entire period.
On one path, interest is earned only at a guaranteed rate or guaranteed rates for the entire period.March, march 1 September 1, april.What must I do?You may cash in (redeem) an EE Bond after 12 months.From adult personals slide show years 5 through 17, the bond applies the long-term rate, which is 85 of the 6-month average of five-year.S.Effective date 5-year treasury securities yields MAY 1, 2018.42 NOV 1, 2017.84 MAY 1, 2017.87 NOV 1, 2016.19 MAY 1, 2016.46 NOV 1, 2015.55 MAY 1, 2015.50 NOV 1, 2014.65 MAY 1, 2014.58 NOV 1, 2013.How long do these EE Bonds earn interest?On this page: What is my bond worth now?On this page: Replacing or reissuing?You are not named on the reissued bond.
(However, the value of an EE Bond that is less than five years old does not include the latest three months of interest.Mailing address, to request a substitute electronic bond in a TreasuryDirect account: Fill out and sign FS Form 1048 ( download or order take the filled-out form to your financial institution to sign and have your signature certified according to the instructions on the form.Date the rate was set for EE Bonds issued best dating websites for young adults from May 1995 through April 1997 "Long-term" interest rates for the 6-month rate periods starting on or after that date May 1, 2018.06 November 1, 2017.56 May 1, 2017.59 November 1, 2016.01.However, if you redeem the bond in less than five years after its issue date, you do not get the last three months of interest.EE bonds mature after 20 years, but continue to earn interest for an additonal 10 years, making the lifespan of these bonds 30 years.

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January 1980 through April 1995.