maturity date of note payable

20,000.00 in lawful money of currency,.
However, a bill which requires acceptance the words after sight mean that no payment can be demanded on the bill till the bill is exhibited for acceptance or having been dishonored after noting for non-acceptance or after protest for non-acceptance.
For bonds, maturity can range from one day to 30 years or more.On presentation At sight After sight: The maturity of a promissory note or bill of exchange is the date on which it falls due.Financial and business terms.Similarly instruments payable registered sex offenders 32218 on demand or at sight or on presentment are also entitled to three days of grace.In the case of instrument payable on demand the period of limitation is three years from the date of the bill or note.Nyse Euronext Glossary * * * maturity date maturity date date 1 * * * maturity date, uK, uS noun.Payable so many months after date or sight: In calculating maturity of a bill or note made payable at a stated number of months after date or after sight, or after a certain event, the period stated shall be held to terminate on the day.The date on which the principal or last principal payment on a debt is due and payable.B) A note dated 1st January is payable one month after sight.It falls due on 4th February.
Thus, only following instruments are entitled to days of grace: 1) bills and notes payable on a specified day; 2) bills and notes payable at a certain period after date or after sight; 3) Bills and notes payable at a certain period after the happening.Date on which a bond matures, at which time the face value will be returned to the purchaser.Calculating maturity of a bill or note.As discussed above, promissory notes and bills of exchange cannot be drawn conditional.A cheque is always payable on demand.July 1, 1998, and both before and after demand, maturity, default and judgment until paid.FOR value received, the undersigned, borrower name (the Borrower hereby acknowledges itself indebted to lender name (the Lender) and promises to pay ON demand to or to the order of the Lender at Address of Lender or as otherwise directed in writing by the Lender.20,000.00 Due: ON demand.It is not entitled to any days of grace.

For mortgage-related securities, see final distribution date and final maturity.
Exchange Handbook Glossary, date on which the face value and final interest payment of a fixed income security (for example, bond or note) is due and payable by the debt issuer.