Interest Rate Calculations Series EE Savings Bond rates are set every May 1st and November 1st, with each new rate effective for all bonds issued in the six months following the adjustment.
Please note the following for bonds issued in the respective periods: Bonds sex dating and relationships sites philippines issued before November 1982, these bonds, earning interest for up to 30 years, are earning interest at either guaranteed or at market-based rates, whichever produces the higher redemption value.
The value of the bonds would be based on the announced rates applied over the initial 21-month period.
Bonds with issue dates of November 1986 through February 1993 have a guaranteed minimum rate of 6 per year, compounded semiannually, for their 12-year original maturity period.See the chart above in the Maturity Rules section berlin sex personals for your bond's maturity information.Will issue electronic savings best free dating sites for older adults bonds if you are.The following chart shows the original term for Series EE Savings Bonds: Issue Date, original Term 01/80 - 10/80 11 years 11/80 - 04/81 9 years 05/81 - 10/82 8 years 11/82 - 10/86 10 years 11/86 - 02/93 12 years 03/93 - 04/95.Savings Bonds if you have a Social Security Number and you're a: Resident of the United States.Tax Rules and Advantages Series EE Savings Bond interest earnings are reportable for Federal income tax purposes for the year in which the bonds are redeemed.TreasuryDirect is a registered mark of the.S.
Bonds Issued March 1993 through April 1995.Interest earned on your Series EE Savings Bonds is exempt from state and local taxes.Interest is compounded semiannually.Gov for details and current values.Maturity Periods, the Treasury Department guarantees that new issues of Series EE Savings Bonds will double in value by 20 years from the issue date.