Princess Tutu Abridged plays with this.
Early on, when Tim and escort date sex Abby make love for the first time in years, Abby admits that she enjoyed some of Tim's early erotic novels (described as a lesbian " The Dresden Files meets Anita Blake " with the leading character modeled loosely on Abby).If you do not want bad things will happen to you, you should not cast a sinful, evil glance at a non- mahram woman.He gets called on it later and repents.My Goddess manga (the 15th chapter during a beauty contest at Nekomi Tech, Urd hooked a finger into the top of Sayoko's swimsuit and took a good look inside.Possibly a reason that Irene Adler was revealed to be a lesbian in Sherlock.Mary Jane : Yeah, Liz Allen.Interested when the girls took an OD of Love Potion while he wasn't around.Of course, since the women involved are rarely of the Lipstick Lesbian type.Michael comments, "Imagine Angela with another woman which Dwight does, with a smirk.Visual Novels Katawa Shoujo : In Emi's route, Emi ends up giving Rin her cold.
I read an interview university of essex find your way in which Depp said he went through a slight depression when he had to stop playing Captain Jack Sparrow.
And are treated to a pair of Butch Lesbians.Exploited in The L Word, usually to show the hypocrisy of homophobic straight men.This happens in Darwin's Soldiers, to which Aimee mentions how she can see how Hailey thought that Subject 19 was cute.Deadpool has a fanboy moment with Thor and remarks that he finds him to be very attractive before becoming embarrassed that he said it out loud.I got a hit by flaunting this full lesbianism.The eponymous character of Hayate the Combat Butler is known to have androgynous features and has induced many a Stupid Sexy Flanders moment among guys every time he is forced to crossdress.Gondou, who is straight and in love with Kaouru, is tempted by him.Cruel Intentions A kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair won the MTV award for "Best Kiss to which Sarah Michelle, upon receiving the award, stated, "wouldn't my mom be proud".Because nobody wants to hear a full time resident of vag-town sing this: Woman with acoustic guitar: I kissed a girl and I liked it/Makes sense cause I'm a lesbian/ I kissed a girl and I liked it/Makes sense cause I like to kiss girls.In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, C├ęcile gets kidnapped by an out-and-proud lesbian who gives her personal sponge baths every day.

Fear that you may be thrown into Hell with molten hot lead in your eyes.
Yuuki's character bio states that she's a lesbian, who found the idea of a women's only competition to be too good to resist, since the loser of each match has to strip.