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Mary's Church around Kate's tomb.
In the True End he succeeds in finally being able to rest in peace with a smile on his face.Too bad their lives consist of fargo phone dating sex personals being Walking Wastelands with everything trying to kill them.In Sburb, an overwhelming majority of all sessions fail in every timeline.She gets a bit better later, and instead merely wants to grow old together with her boyfriend.Christian theology also makes a point that life on Earth is a huge pain in the ass too, so eternal life on Earth wouldn't be very fun either.Every character listed on this page and its brethren pages are still going to die someday.
There is no way for everybody to get Mercy Killed, as at least one person is going to be left, and suicide is neither a Heroic or Just death.
The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home from Welcome to Night Vale holds this sentiment.Buddhists, Hindus, and Jainists all believe that life is suffering, and that people are forced to repeatedly die and be reborn until they rid themselves of karma.Cheaters!" and the grenadiers reply: "Fritz, don't talk of cheating, for fifteen pfennigs it's enough for today." Some scientists argue that the longer you live, the faster time seems to flow.Pathfinder has this as a major risk for liches, and a big part of why these immortal super wizards don't rule the world.In the end, she loses her game and dies.The Soulless in the gurps supplement gurps Fantasy II: Adventures in the Mad Lands are an ancient date for having sex culture whose members neither age nor reproduce, so their civilization has been populated by the same few thousand individuals for millennia.

The descriptions of Hell are: "They will be tormented day and night, forever and ever and "Their worm will not die, nor will their fire be extinguished." It is a place full of despair and solitude, with no hope of any improvement, and the Parable.
Abandoned and alone, A prisoner in a world you can see but never touch.
Monster Prom : Polly, the Hard-Drinking Party Girl ghost wonders about this briefly, on the sense that she fears that she'll someday do everything and have nothing left to do, since she'll likely live forever.