Another proxy to measure experience of premarital sex is to ask if the respondent has close unmarried friend who has experienced premarital sex.
This paper seeks to fill the gap in knowledge by providing descriptive findings on premarital sex among college male students and to garner interest from policy-makers to develop appropriate reproductive health programs to combat negative impact of such behavior.
It's like staying in a night club.
However, some of the students who had conservative attitude had also engaged in premarital sex.Nepal is one of the least developed country, many people live in poverty and the country experiences considerable seasonal labour migration mainly to India and the Middle East.Carballo-Dieguez A, Balan I, Marone R,.Peer role is important in changing personality, attitude and behavior of persons.Moderators of sexual behavior in gay men.Nepal generally has a low HIV prevalence of less than one percent, but it is considerably higher in FSWs, whose prevalence rate is 4 nationally.Balancing dangers: glbt experience in a time of anti-glbt legislation.Labour migrants to India constitute one of the 'bridging populations' for the transmission of STIs and HIV infection.Participatory communication and HIV/aids prevention in a Chinese marginalized (MSM) population.
Johnson WD, Diaz RM, Flanders WD,.They rarely bauer sucht Frau atv season 3 used condoms in personal sexual relationships with non-paying partners and perceived that foreigners could be safe to have unprotected sex.Underreporting of such sexual activities is highly possible due to the sensitive nature of the study.Also, they say they do laundry every two days, but it's not true.As sex work is illegal in Nepal, FSWs may have provided some inaccurate or incomplete information because there were difficulties in identifying a sampling frame of FSWs and secure venues where interviews could be conducted due to the fear of media exposure and previous episodes.

In the multivariate analysis, age, attitude towards male virginity, religion and peer sexual behaviour were found to have statistical significant association with experience of having premarital sex after controlling for other variables.
Social Exclusion of Sexual and Gender Minorities Kathmandu: Blue Diamond Society; 2005Available from: Accessed February 21, 2003.
Past studies in other countries show varying rates of condom use during a paid sexual transaction.