Can I supply my own cover art?
Josephine, keisha Grey, sofia, mia.
No, we do not allow authors to provide cover art.
Get in touch with your wild side and let us take a look!Please submit your full manuscript.doc.docx format as an attachment.Jordan Carver, aspen Rae, irina.All sexually active characters in the manuscript must be at least 18 no matter the time period.Elizabeth Marxs, malena Morgan.Though our preference is Third Person Limited past tense, exceptional First Person works written in past tense will be considered.What about self-published works?"Hi, Mr Comma." Hello, anybody there?We Do Not Accept: Racism, sexism or discrimination presented in a positive light.
Seasonal Submissions Space is very limited!
Nicole Aniston and Brett Rossi.This depends greatly on the number of submissions during a given month; but a safe estimate would be about.HEA or romantic content not required.Erotica short stories are all about arousing the reader.These love stories should have strong plots, fully developed characters, open-door love scenes, and a Happily Ever After ending.It is recommended that you have software, such as Microsoft Word, installed that can handle that process easily.M ilitary Heroes Word Count: 10k-40k Criteria: All genres Must be submitted by April 1 Your hero/heroine must have served or be serving in the.S.Royalty rate is 35 of the cover price and will be paid on a monthly basis. .Were dedicated to producing quality.We sex aggregated data like to see contracted manuscripts published within six months of contract.

Our contracts are pro-author and demonstrate our dedication to the success of our authors while they are with us and beyond).
Include a cover letter in the body of your email.
Tryst Line Word Count: 10k-20k The Tryst line is our signature short story line.