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I honestly think writers probably write about love so much because they lack.
Its like whenever Taylor Swift puts out a new song woman 30 looking for a man and the media pounces on the lyrics, automatically assuming who that one song is about and who that mellow ballad is about.Dig deeper to find meaning and importance and a place in the narrative for all lives.You can check out the stats on the major peeps the New Yorker, Granta, The Missouri Review) here.They might be the scribe who has a document adult dating philadelphia your protagonist needs, the servant who knows a secret entrance into how to find sex offenders for free the mages tower, the soldier or farmer chance-met on the road, and the healer your character approaches for an ointment to sooth a poison ivy.I believe there's this voice, this voice that comes off as too feminine and girly.Its not enough to say let your female characters do everything your male characters do because that can feed back into the idea that the lives of so many women across time and cultures are important only insofar as they are congruent with or participating.As writers we carry a lot of baggage into the writing process about who people really are and how they ought to act that isnt easily sloughed off.And I get.Check to see if you-as-writer are missing chances to have women talk to and interact with each other.
A Not-so-Brief Discussion of How Preconceptions Influence Reception At the most basic level, one-dimensional, shallow, and cliched characterization comes about because of poor craft on the part of writers whatever the gender of the characters.I have to write at least once a day, to feel okay about myself and about my self esteem.Because sometimes romance shows up in my stories?If we try to write "about" women then we fall into a certain set of conventions that, we think, must be followed.Even when Im on vacation.

And I want to read books by women and about women, but I don't want to read "new adult" or "romance." I want to read a RealGood story.
Nor can the argument that, because of patriarchy, women in the past were erased slates without intelligence, personality, desires, or ambitions.