Going local, wherever possible, we source locally, reducing food miles and ensuring traceability.
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I didnt want to open a shop (there are already plenty of shops selling cheese some of it indifferent, some of it really good) and I also wanted people to try different cheeses some unfamiliar ones that perhaps they wouldnt ordinarily buy.Yet however the cheese making process may vary with the seasons, what will never change is the dairys passion for using the freshest raw ingredients and a commitment to furthering our knowledge of their amazing benefits.Over the years, the Traditional Cheese Dairy has developed and refined its range of artisan cheeses, adapting many from centuries-old recipes, innovating new methods to create others, and picking up a few national awards along the way.Cheesology is an extension.Our Farm Shop takes pride of place at Rushfields.Their products are entirely shaped by nature and defined by organic processes at every stage, so, making the perfect cheese is a journey that begins far out in the meadows where they find the only ingredient they will ever use: raw milk, derived free local sex in viborg south dakota from locally-sourced.From then on I knew that my business would be cheese based.The idea for Cheesology came to me when I decided that I wanted to start a small business that would combine really high quality natural ingredients and, british craftsmanship.Family owned business creating artisan cheeses on the farm, plus regular cheese-making courses.I was really surprised at how different this cheese was to the shrink wrapped, factory made supermarket stuff.
Cheesology Box tab and then to the, find us tab for more information.
The concept of Cheesology is a simple one a box of artisan cheese (sourced from the British Isles and much of it local Sussex cheese) delivered to your door or indeed a friends door if it is a gift.
I feel passionate about supporting small farms and suppliers, particularly local ones and I want to share my enthusiasm and the sheer enjoyment of eating great cheese with my customers.Heres a taste of what we offer, all year round.I love cheese despite being brought up on Dairylea ( I am a child of the 70s after all). .Say Cheese of Sussex who will be focussing on Sussex Artisan cheeses and Andrew Harries.Try saying Cheesology without smiling.Our shop is open seven days a week, from 9am till 5:30pm.

True to traditional farm shops, we also have our own friendly butcher, Paul Channon and his team, who provide the best local beef, lamb, pork, chicken and game.
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