One guy always plays ghostrider.
I've lived in Torry all mortgage maturity date my life.While youre in that stifling, toxic environment, I dont think anything will change for you or your marriage.Comfy seats and a relaxed atmosphere.Amadeus currently has a younger clientelle at present and not where you want to end up unless ur blonde/single AND desperate OR AN ALL round SAD GIT.Laugh/ F1041 /laugh/ F1054 So you never define maturity date for a car loan had forks an knives tae eat wi?It it/ F1054 /Was it superstitious do you think, or bad luck?/ M1042 I just I just really don't know, I've never understood it, but I never ever heard my father called by his name by my mother.Still, it's no great loss, as the place is shite.
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It closes at 12 so i reccomend moving back to oscars, OR BEX BAR, Where again a varied range of dance/POP/70S/80S/90S kind OF music, Also a fairly mixed age group.Tenement had a closeness that nothing else had aboot.Donaldson, pete2002, Stephen James Gunn, Beatle Maniac, jan mason, BaSs MoNkEy, jonny NO balls, Ian Wilson, martin egan, Gavin, ninja-grrrl, Finlay D, jill, Ada, A Rudgley, Ross, kerry, Gordon Bell, barry cuv, Connard, Poop, Blah, Malcolme, Music Man, bob michaels, Steven, michael gerber, Chris Officer.M1042 We we we'd a cooch covered in rexine /an we were not allowed tae sit./ F1043 /Oh aye./ M1042 Only visitors could sit.Music is of the highest calibre.Door men are snarly.Billy Nasty Bedlam (ahem) - DJ REV (me) and Miz Jonny J playing all the latest dance funk and hip hop) sounds.