Today the population of Lewes in 16,000.
Photographs from the countys past can you help us identify where, when and who they are of?
Danehill Parish Historical Society, contact: Mrs J Rolfe, Hon Secretary.
Friars were like monks but instead of withdrawing from the world they went out to preach.Includes suggested reading, newspapers and magazines, maps, census, electoral registers and illustrations.Lewes had weekly markets.Franciscan friars were called dating foreign men grey friars because of the colour of their costumes.However to us Lewes would seem tiny.In 1512 a Free Grammar School was founded in Lewes.Lewes was probably founded in the 6th century.Victoria Hospital was built in 1910.
The railway meant the end of Lewes as a port as it was now easier to transport goods by train than by water.In 1264 the Battle of Lewes was fought between King Henry III and some rebellious barons led by Simon de Montfort.In the 10th century it also had 2 mints, showing it was a place of some importance.Later the Saxons made Lewes a town.Furthermore during the reign of Bloody Mary Protestants from Sussex were martyred in Lewes.(The name Lewes is probably derived from a Saxon word, 'hluews' which meant slopes or hills).A new Magistrates Court was built in 1986.A new Town Hall was built in 1893.Lewes was made a borough in 1881.