1987 30 April Mulroney and the women search online provincial Premiers agree in principle to the does having sex on the first date ruin a relationship Meech Lake Accord designed to bring Québec into dating bi sexual woman the new Constitution.
1744 Duvivier seizes Canso but fails at Annapolis 1745 New England forces seize Louisbourg.1972 Canada wins the first hockey challenge against the Soviets.1958 10 October The last weld is completed on the TransCanada Pipeline, a 2 290 kilometer, 375 million gas line that took twenty-eight months to build and ran from Burstall, Saskatchewan, to Kapuskasing, Ontario.1942 Twenty two thousand Japanese Canadians are rounded up by rcmp and placed in work camps until after the war.1947 February Prospectors strike oil in Leduc, Alberta, beginning Alberta's oil boom.1818 Canada's border is defined as the 49th Parallel from Lake of the Woods to the Rocky Mountains.Lafontaine outlines the principles of responsible government in the Canadas.1993 Kim Campbell becomes the first female prime minister of Canada.
Roch reaches Halifax after becoming the second ship ever (and the first going west to east) to sail the Northwest Passage.
1916 The National Research Council is established to promote scientific and industrial research.1916 26 September Battle of Thiepval Ridge.1940 Idola Saint-Jean and other early feminists finally succeed in obtaining the vote for Québecois women.1980 At least 1 200 Canadians of all ages were infected with the deadly aids virus and thousands more contracted hepatitis C after receiving blood transfusion between 19Blame for the suffering has been lain with the Red Cross, public health officials, bureaucrats, and politicians.1830 Escaped slaves Josiah and Charlotte Henson and their children journey north from Maryland to Canada.1902 19 January Boer War-Attack, concentration camp/ blockhouseline, Pietersburg, Tvl 1902 Le Roy, the first true Canadian "production car is built by the Good brothers, Milton and Nelson, in their company in Berlin, Ontario, (now Kitchener) that they founded in 1899.