That action will block any potential for the intimate connection to flourish.
Think of sex as a theatrical pieceyou need the right lighting, right mood and sets.
If you desire greater intimacy you will naturally tend to look more into your partners eyes.
When gazing into the eyes of your loved one, ideally you want to primarily focus on their left eye.Chocolate, for example, contains the chemical Phenethylamine (PEA) which is responsible for the feeling of being in love.Other articles you may enjoy Sexual Polarity, Part 2 Is Your Judgment Hurting Your Sex Life Cupid: Angel of Death for Masculinity Romance Advertisements.(Traditionally the right hemisphere is considered our emotional/creative side and the left our logical/analytical side.The eyes dont lie.The pupils will expand in the low light to take more of each initial response team essex contact number other in, plus its easier to focus on your partner when there is less attention on the environment.It was actually William Shakespeare that coined the phrase windows to the soul to describe the power the eyes behold.To build a deeper connection, try touching each other without having sex.
Making EYE contact, the eyes are the doorways to a connected sex life.Allowing yourself TO BE vulnerable.If you are not present with her she will know it and she will feel neglected and alone, but when you are wholly in the moment with her she will blossom like a flower and the pathway to intimacy will open up for you both.Once you have eliminated any judgmental thoughts, focus on appreciating your partner.Humans are wired to pick up the subtle cues determining a persons attention level, and women are much more attuned to these cues than men are.The bottom line here is that if something doesnt feel right while gazing into your partners eyes, you both will be able to sense that there is something off in your relationship.If you are relaxed your partner should begin to follow suit.Every day upon waking is ideal, but even if it only happens a few times a week you will experience a powerful emotional bonding.