This is a good way you can impress the woman.
Directed Thought, now there may be some of you who are saying I make eye contact with women all the time and nothing is there.This only makes the other person feel uncomfortable, and may send misleading signals.Now its probably not a good idea to first stare silently and intently into the eyes of the first beautiful stranger you encounter in dating someone for the sex the Pick n Pay unless you want to make the wrong kind of impression entirely.In most of the cases some men have problem with eye contacts.They lack the testosterone which indulges and encourages the brain to have long time sight.In women this isnt the case.The look becomes intense and there is all love and no hatred and regret.Tip #2: Look, Dont Leer, the way you look at a woman will determine the outcome of your eye contact.Eye contact is a way of showing appreciation.In 2001, English scientist Chris Fith showed hundreds of people pictures of faces staring directly at them.
Eye contact isnt just a way to break the ice with someone youre meeting for the first time.(And five minutes of staring into her eyes definitely qualifies as too enthusiastic.) Once youve initiated conversation, its a good idea to occasionally look away.You must have sexual tension with women.Love speaks and love sees.It is important that you take notice of the beauty she has.Tip #5: Dont Overdo It, of course, there is also such a thing as being too enthusiastic with your eye contact.For example, women tend to make more eye contact in daily life.If you want the girls to take interest in you, this is the time you can start the practice to look at them straight.She is your own heart and soul and in this case eye contact really matters. This hormone is the circumstances the brain to look for, and create, less eye contact than women.